Grid creating functions

The grid creating functions is explained in this section. Refer to Creating a grid for an overview of grid creation.

When the [Pre-processing Window] is active, grids can be created by using the menu items in [Grid] menu. Grids can be created in the following procedure:

  1. Select an algorithm for creating a grid.
  2. Set grid creating condition necessary for the algorithm using.
  3. Create a grid.

Operations for 2. and 3. differ by algorithm.

Table 26 shows the grid creating algorithms that can be used for iRIC.

Table 26 Grid creating algorithms available in iRIC
Grid type Item Description
Two-dimensioinal structured grid [Create grid from polygonal lines and width] Creates a grid that smoothly follows a polygonal line.
  [Create grid from cross-section data] Creates a grid from [Cross-Section Data]. In addition to transverse lines being set, division points are set on the transverse lines the river centerline and left / right bank lines.
  [Create grid by dividing rectangular region] Creates a rectangular grid that is evenly divided in the x and y directions.
  [Create compound channel grid] Creates a grid that has lower channel, by defining grid creating region and lower channel region.
  [Create grid shape solving Poisson equation] By solving Poisson equation, generate grid whose cell shape are similar to squares.
  [General purpose grid generation tool] By solving convergence calculation, generate grid whose cell edge length changes smoothly.
Two-dimensional unstructured grid [Create grid from polygon shape] Creates an unstructured grid from polygon shape. Grid region, refinement regions, hole regions are defined as polygons.
One-dimensional structured grid (Each node holds the cross-section data.) [Create grid from River Survey Data] Creates grid from River Survey Data. In addition to transverse lines being set, division points are set on the transverse lines, the river centerline and left/right bank lines.

The common operations available for all of these algorithms are explained in Common functions. Operations specific to the algorithms are explained in [Create grid from Polygonal line and width] to [Create grid from polygon shape].

Operations available for each algorithm are accessible as sub menu item of the following:

Menu bar: [Grid] (G) –> [Grid Creating Conditions] (C)