[Geographic Data]ΒΆ

The functions for editing [Geographic Data] are explained in the following sections. Refer to Editing geographic data for the abstract of [Geographic Data].

Operations related to [Geographic Data] are available from [Geographic Data] menu when the [Pre-processing Window] is active.

[Geographic Data] types that users can import and edit depend depends on the solver.

There is an exception: the [Reference Information] group. For projects for every solver, this group is shown. This is a special group that is not for mapping attributes to grid, but just for showing data as reference information.

For example, add poly lines for road center lines, area border lines as [Reference Information].

Curently, iRIC supports the following three types of [Geographic Data].

  • Point Cloud Data
  • Cross-Section Data
  • Raster Data
  • Time Series Raster Data
  • Polygon
  • Polyline
  • Points data

The common operations available for all of these types are explained in Common functions. Operations specific to the data types are explained in Editing [Point Cloud Data] to Editing [Points].

For importing and exporting [Geographic Data], refer to [Geographic Data] (E) and [Geographic Data] (E).