Additional menu items

Table 13 shows the additional menu items for the [Pre-processing Window]. The additional menu items are shown between [Import] and [Simulation] when the [Pre-processing Window] is active.

Table 13 Additional menu items of the [Pre-processing Window]
Menu Item   Description
[Geographic Data] (E) [River Survey Data] (R) Menu for manipulating River Survey Data. (It is enabled when [River Survey Data] is selected in [Object Browser].)
  [Pointset Data] (O) Menu for manipulating [Pointset] data. (It is enabled when [Pointset] is selected in [Object Browser].)
  [Polygon] (P) Menu for manipulating [Polygon]. (It is enabled when [Polygon] is selected in [Object Browser].)
  [Color Setting] Edits the colormap.
  [Set Up Scalarbar] Edits the color bar.
  [Import] (I) Imports [Geographic Data] from an external file.
  [Export] (E) Exports [Geographic Data] to an external file.
[Grid] (G) [Select an algorithm to create grid] (S) Selects an algorithm for creating a grid.
  [Grid Creating Conditions](C) Menu for manipulating [Grid Creating Condition]
  [Create Grid] (R) Creates a grid from the current [Grid Creating Condition]
  [Grid Attributes Mapping] (M) Maps geographic data on [Grid Attributes].
  [Edit] (E) Edits the grid.
  [Delete] (D) Deletes the grid.
  [Display Setting] Setups the grid display setting.
  [Open Bird’s Eye View Window] (B) Opens [Bird’s Eye View Window]
  [Import (I)] Imports grid data from an external file.
  [Export (E)] Exports grid data to an external file.
  [Add New Grid] Adds a new grid.
[Mesasured Data] (M) [Scalar] (S) Setups display setting of scalar values
  [Arrows] (A) Setups display setting of vector values (shown as arrows)
  [Import] (I) Imports measured data from CSV file.
[Calculation Conditions] (C) [Setting] (S) Sets the calculation conditions.
  [Import (I)] Imports calculation conditions from an external file.
  [Export (E)] Exports calculation conditions to an external file.