Editing the grid

The following is an explanation of the grid creating functions.

When the Pre-processor is active, grids can be created by using the menu in [Grid] (G). The following manipulations are possible: - [Edit] - [Delete]

[Edit] has the following three functions:

  • Edits the node coordinates
  • Edits the node attributes
  • Edits the cell attributes

These editing manipulations are carried out as follows:

  1. In [Object Browser], select [Grid].
  2. Select the node you want to edit.
  3. Edit the coordinates or attributes of the selected node.

Regarding 1. and 3., refer to Edit the node coordinates to Edit the Cell Attributes. Regarding 2., the operation is common, so refer to Select the node.

Regarding the import and export of a grid, refer to [Grid] (G) and [Grid] (G) respectively.