Edit the Cell Attributes

Description: Edits the cell attributes

Cell attributes are edited in the following procedure:

  1. Select the cell attribute you want to edit in [Object Browser] (Figure 352).
  2. Select all nodes that are on the grid lines which enclose the cell you want edit. (Refer to Select the node)
  3. Edit the attributes of the cell which is enclosed by the grid lines that link the selected nodes.

Figure 352 Example of the [Object Browser] display when [Cell Attributes] is selected

Edits the selected node (3) as follows:

Menu bar: [Grid] (G) –> [Edit] (E) –> [Cell Attributes] (C)

Then a dialog to edit the cell attributes (Figure 353) will open. Set it and click on [OK]. The dialog to edit the cell attributes varies depending on the attribute you want to edit.


Figure 353 [Topographic Aspect edit dialog]