Editing [Points]

Description: Define geographic data defined as Points. Figure 248 shows an example of [Points].


Figure 248 Example of the [Points]


[Points] data can be created only to [Reference Information] group.

[Points Attribute Browser]

When [Points] data is selected in the [Object Browser], [Points Attribute Browser] is shown. Figure 249 shows an example of [Points Attribute Browser]. The list of columns in [Points Attribute Browser] is shown in Table 24.


Figure 249 Example of [Points Attribute Browser]

Table 24 The list of columns in [Points Attribute Browser]
Column name Description
Name The name of points. You can edit the values.
Show When clicked, the clicked point is shown in the center of the drawing area.

Selecting operation

For [Points], user can select multiple points at the same time. the selected points can be deleted or sorted with one operation.

User can select points with the two ways below:

  • Mouse operation: Draw boundary box by left-dragging, and all points sorrounded by the box are selected.
  • Attribute browser operation: Click on items in [Points Attribute Browser], and the clicked item is selected. You can select multiple items, by clicking with pressing Ctrl key.

[Add New Points]

The procedure to add a new point is as follows:

  1. Select the [Reference Information] under [Geographic Data] in [Object Browser] (Figure 250).
  2. The operation below adds a new [Points] to [Object Browser], and that data is selected. (Figure 251)

Menu bar: [Geographic Data] (E) –> [Points] (I) –> [Add New Points]

  1. On the canvas, define a point by left clicking.

Figure 250 Example of the [Object Browser] display


Figure 251 [Pre-processing Window] when the [Point] is defined

[Add New Point]

Description: Adds a new point to [Points] data.

[Add New Points] adds a new [Points] data. On the other hand, this function add an new point to the [Points] data that already exists.

The step to define a point is the same to [Add New Points].

[Edit Coordinates] (C)

Description: Edits the coordinates of the the [Points].

When you select [Edit Coordinates], the [Point Coordinates] dialog (Figure 252) will open. Edit the coordinates and click on [OK].


Figure 252 The [Point Coordinates] dialog


Description: Merge points in other [Points] to this data.

[Select data to merge] dialog (Figure 253) is shown. Select the data to merge, and click on [OK] button.


Figure 253 [Select data to merge] dialog

[Color Setting] (S)

Description: Edits the color of the [Points].

When you select [Color Setting], the [Points Color] dialog (Figure 254) will open. Edit setting and click on [OK].


Figure 254 The [Color Setting] dialog