[Preferences] (P)

Description: Displays the [Preferences] dialog (Figure 101 to Figure 108). Set the preference settings and click on [OK].

[General] Tab

General settings about iRIC GUI is specified in this tab.

  • If you check on “Check for update periodically”, a dialog to ask you to check for iRIC online update is shown, with the specified interval.

Figure 101 The [Preferences] dialog [General] tab

[Graphics Default] tab

Default settings about graphics is specified in this tab. Settings in this tab is used for pre-processor window and visualization windows.


Figure 102 The [Preferences] dialog [Graphics Default] tab

[Grid Checking] tab

Setting about grid checking is specified in this tab.

As shown on the dialog, grid checking is applied only to structured grids.


Figure 103 The [Preferences] dialog [Grid Checking] tab

[River Survey Data] tab

Setting about editing [River Survey Data] is specified in this tab.

You can edit the list of gradient fractions used while editing cross section of river survey data.

Please refer to [Edit cross section from the selected point] for the detail of cross section edit function of river survey data.


Figure 104 Then [Preferences] dialog [River Survey Data] tab

[Network Proxy] tab

Setting about Network Proxy is specified in this tab. The setting is used when iRIC GUI tries to access internet, for example to get background images from web, and download and import elevation data from web.

If you need to use proxy server to access Internet, please specify setting here.

When [Use system proxy setting] is selected, the setting used for Internet Explorer is used.


Figure 105 The [Preferences] dialog [Network Proxy] tab

[Background Images (Internet)] tab

Setting about Background Images (Internet) can be specified here.

When you edit the setting, the new setting is applied to Pre-processing Window and 2D Post-processing Windows.


Figure 106 The [Preferences] dialog [Background Images (Internet)] tab

In 2018, Google migrated Google Maps into Google Maps Platform, and now we need to input API key to use Google Maps images as Backgound Images on iRIC. Input API key from “Input Google Maps API key” button.

Please refer the following URL to know how to get a API key:


[Web Elevation Data] tab

Setting about importing Geographic data from web is specified here.

When you edit the setting, the new setting is applied to the [Source] combo box on the [Zoom Level Setting] dialog for [Geographic Data (from web)].

Please refer to [Geographic Data (from web)] for detail.


Figure 107 The [Preferences] dialog [Web Elevation Data] tab

[Background Grid] tab

Setting about Background Grid is specified here.

The setting here is applied when you use River survey data as geographic data, and create grids and map the elevation from the river survey data, with grid creating algorithm other than [Create grid from river survey data].


Figure 108 The [Preferences] dialog [Background Grid] tab