[Simulation] (S)

The functions of the items under the [Simulation] menu are explained in the following sections.

[Run] (R)

Description: Starts the solver.

When you select [Run], a warning dialog will open to ask whether you want to save the current project. When you have already run solver before, a dialog will open to ask if you agree to delete the previous calculation results.

When the solver starts running, the [Solver Console] will open. The solver console displays real-time output messages to the “Standard output” or to the “Standard error”. Figure 96 shows an example of the [Solver Console].


Figure 96 The [Solver Console]

[Stop] (S)

Description: Stops the solver.

When you select [Stop], the [Confirm Solver Termination] dialog (Figure 97) will open. Select [Yes] (Y) to stop running solver. When the solver has stopped, the [Solver Console] title changes. Figure 98 shows an example of the [Solver Console] window title after stopping the solver.


Figure 97 The [Confirm Solver Termination] dialog


Figure 98 The [Solver Console] window title

[Solver Information] (S)

Description: Displays information of the solver that is used for the current project. An example of the dialog is shown in Figure 99.


Figure 99 The [Solver information] dialog

[Export solver console log] (E)

Description: Exports the solver console log.

The function of this item is the same to [Solver Console Log] under [Export] menu under [File] menu. Refer to [Solver Console Log].