[Help] (H)

The functions of the items under the [Help] menu are explained in the following sections.

[Help] (H)

Description: Displays the [Help] window.

When you select [Help], the PDF help document will open.

[Solver List] (S)

Description: Displays the list of solvers bundled with iRIC.

When you select [Solver List], the [Solver List] dialog (Figure 119) will open. When you select solver name and click on [Show Detail], the [Solver Information] dialog (Figure 120) will open.


Figure 119 The [Solver List] dialog


Figure 120 The [Solver Information] dialog

[Mouse Hint] (M)

Description: Displays the [Mouse Hint] dialog (Figure 121), that explains how the mouse can be used to change view setting in the canvas area.


Figure 121 The [Mouse Hint] dialog

[About] (A)

Description: Displays the [About iRIC] (Figure 122).


Figure 122 The [About iRIC] dialog