[Google Earth KML for street view] (G)ΒΆ

Description: Export Google Earth KML file with which we can visualize the water Depth on street view.

To use this function, you have to satisfy the following requirements first:

  • Open and activate a [2D Post-processing Window]
  • Draw [Scalar (node)] for calculation result value [Depth].
  • Setup property for [Scalar (node)] to make [Display Setting] to [Contour Figure], not [Color Fringe] or [Isolines], and check off [Automatic] Check box in [Value range] group box.

Figure 81 shows an example of iRIC GUI after satisfying the requirements.

When you launch [Google Earth KML for street view] menu, the dialog in Figure 82 is shown. Please specify the name of file, and select the timesteps you want to export, and click on [OK]. Then, the KML file is exported.


Figure 81 [2D Post-processing window] with [Contour Figure] for depth


Figure 82 [Google Earth KML for street view export] dialog

Figure 83 shows an example of Google Earth after loading the exported KML. When you show street view for regions where polygons for depth values exist, the polygons are shown in the street view so that we can easily see that the depth, like in Figure 84.


Figure 83 Example of [Google Earth] after loading a KML file


Figure 84 Example of [Google Earth] showing street view after loading a KML file