[Contour figure as ESRI Shape files] (C)ΒΆ

Exports Contour figures drawn on [2D Post-processing Window] to ESRI Shape files as polygons.

To use this function, you have to satisfy the following requirements first:

  • Open and activate a [2D Post-processing Window]
  • Draw [Scalar (node)] for a calculation result value
  • Setup property for [Scalar (node)] to make [Display Setting] to [Contour Figure], not [Color Fringe] or [Isolines].

After satisfying the requirments, launch [Contour figure as ESRI Shape files] menu, and dialog in Figure 78 will be shown.


Figure 78 [Select Result] dialog

Select the calculation result value that you want to export, and click on [OK]. Then, dialog in Figure 79 is shown.


Figure 79 [Export contour figure to ESRI Shape files] dialog

When you click on [OK], Contour Figure polygons are saved into ESRI shape files based on the setting.