Measured data text file (*.csv)

Measured data text file contains the positions of measured data and the measured values (scalar values and vector values). List 18 shows an example of measured data text file.

List 18 Example of measured data text file

Measured data text file must have a header line. The header line defines the data contained in each column. The header line has to stick to the following rules:

  • First column must be “X” (the x-coordinate of the measured point), and the second column must be “Y” (the y-coordinate of the measured point). The following column names are arbitrary.
  • Columns names must consist of only alphabets and numbers.
  • When there are column names that end with “X” and “Y” (for example, “VecX”, “VecY”), those columns are regarded as X component and Y component of a vector value.

On the second line and the following lines, the coordinates of measured points and measured data are stored. The values have to be real numbers.